Fund Custodian Services

In GCC we have specifically developed our custodian functions, operate them effectively to meet our clients' expectations. GCC fund custodian services covers different lines of investments as presented in by the following graph


Services Provided Prior to Inception of fund

Advice the most appropriate jurisdiction and legal structure for maximum efficiencies.
Advice the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a fund in a particular jurisdiction.
Review of the fund's Accounting Policies.
Review the appropriateness of the accounting policies.
Check the consistency of Article of Associations and fund's Prospectus with the applicable laws and regulations.
Fulfill the funds' managers reporting requirements.
Administration and secretarial support


Services Offered After Inception

 Supervising & monitoring the funds investment activities according to Article of Association.
Updating fund accounts.
Daily reconciliations.
Preparing Net Assets Value Reports and other reports required by fund managers.
Safe custody of investment instruments.
Fulfill the funds' managers reporting requirements.
Updating fund manager with bank balances.
Disclosing information required by laws and regulations
Maintaining Fund's Unit Holders Register, if requested.


Value Added Services

GCC-Fund Custody View

Secure payment transfer by SWIFT:

Gulf Custody Company accepts and transmits ISO 15022 compliant messages through the SWIFT network.